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currently viewing all of 2013

post new years ocean swim

riding through pittsburg on the way to davis

checking out the suburbs of the future



building at the santa cruz museum of art & history

found ice and snow on the back side of diablo

sunday riding hooligans

epic descents in the morgan territory

headed out to sam p taylor


high tech mini fire


the road to repack

repack, where it all started

smiles all the way down

birthday buttons

last day at the museum

communing with my art in chicago

the hard-to-photograph print

plant patterns at the garfield conservatory

sunset over tam

planet of the apes

half moon bay sea foam

getting sloppy on purisima creek trail on the way to the summit

kyle's frances in two pieces

we found some blm trails on the way to portland

hello oregon!

things got mucky after a week of rain on my way south

siltcoos lake

tarpstyle in the rain

another beautiful trail named "coastal", just south of crescent city

del valle

photo by kb

my homemade bicycle-powered usb charger

the schematic

i heard you like bikes...

heading up diablo from clayton



a big black widow in the food box. i couldn't get a good pic of its red hourglass.

woke up in the only sunny spot in the bay area

rocky, loose downhills

technical downhill style

epic ridgelines

heading east

portland, me



maine essentials on my last night

jenny escorted me the first few miles on my way to ithaca

new dirt in new hampshire turned impassable

camp upstate new york

long lost cousins

wedding pie factory

parting ways in ithaca

my first woodpile

above state college

roadside debris

nicely timed shelter

rails to trails

braddock, pa

iowa city

back to ACRE and the milky way

bike ride dog defense

on set at senior center television

stream beds full of geodes

close landings, no zoom lens needed

mid ride wheel fix, caveman style

new trails on the way to the new bay bridge

a slow month for photos

heading out to the headlands before sunset

hawk hill

night riders on volmer

studio experiments

forgot to take photos in new york

rts balloon drop

hacking for artists

ducking out for a midweek overnighter to steep ravine

night fishing boat lights

headed towards tam

muir woods

tree cave

morning on tam

cooler style to the west point inn

christmas morning