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currently viewing 07/2012

mini high school reunion in the de young elevator

the neighbors had some serious fireworks

climbing a tree off the avenue of the giants, photo by kallista

eel river relaxin'

tough kids

smoky sunset

leaving some big trees on my way to mattole road and the lost coast


so hot, so dusty, and so steep going up wilder ridge road

super steep descents on king's peak road

multiply by four to convert to normal miles

got an early start out of nadelos campground

a freshly paved ascent on chemise mountain road

the obligatory shot of the entrance to usal road

packed dirt and cool coastal weather on usal was nice a change from the heat and loose gravel of king's peak road

usal doesn't make it easy to leave the lost coast, saving the steepest for last on the ascent out of usal beach

highway one

good bathroom reading

one of my favorite stretches of pavement on the coastal route just north of jenner and above the fog

coastal, becoming tunnel

brothers on bobcat

pizza at the top, caught emma in the super wide angle

there was a rainbow in these clouds which evaded capture by the camera

tent card game as the fog rolled in

bombing home

history guide extraordinaire, joel pomerantz, leading us on a tour of the panhandle and park

elizabeth approves

learning to crawl by chasing my camera

starting geometry lessons early

real time and space took a retreat to the woods to learn how to build walls from bamboo and clay

mark gets the clay ready

baylee cuts bamboo

mudding the wall, photo by amy ho


art in the woods by liz harris, i'm told