Fun-A-Day in the Bay

December 16th, 2008. Filed under: exhibitions, fun-a-day.

Hello friends!
This January, The Artclash Collective will be organizing the fifth anniversary Fun-A-Day Project!
What is Fun-A-Day you ask? It’s simple! Pick something you’d like to do every day (take a photograph, make the bed, draw a picture, bake a cake) and do it every day for the entire month of January. Submit your 31 pieces in early February to be included in the show. (If you do something like make-the-bed-a-day or talk-to-a-stranger-a-day, just figure out a way to document it–with photographs, in a zine, whatever.)
Fun-A-Day has been happening in Philly for the past five years–this marks the first year of Fun-A-Day in the Bay. The project is being organized by a group of Philly expats and at least one of the Artclash Collective’s founding members. Any and all folks living on the west coast, particularly in the Bay Area, are encouraged to submit!!
Check out the website: for more details, photos from past shows, info about the show and submission details (TBA).
It will be a great start to your year.
Artclash Collective WEST


flyer by Molly McIntyre

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