still building

participatory installation and custom software
in collaboration with Kyle and Madeline Lane-McKinley / the building collective
State of the Arts Conference, UC Institute for Research in the Arts (UCIRA)
November 19th-21st, 2010

“still building: mapping possibilities of student movements”

The building collective, based in Santa Cruz, CA, aims to transform the physical spaces that we occupy by playing games, engaging in conversations, going on walks, and drinking coffee. Our installation for the UCIRA State of the Arts Conference invites attendees to contribute to a collective map of UC campuses that focuses on the historicity, recent events and future possibilities of respective student movements.

Here are some photos from our installation:






Things That Are Possible, Digital Arts Research Center, Santa Cruz, CA, 2010

by Kyle McKinley and Nick Lally with Ann Altstatt, Karl Baumann, Pou Dimitrijevich, Theresa Enright, Miki Foster, Nik Hanselmann, Jessy Lancaster, Madeline McDonald Lane, Lucas McGranaham, and Sophia Strosberg.

Building anything is a process. Building something good usually involves a lot of people’s ideas and labor. building is what we have called the people and the process of building something good in this building. Each Friday at 2pm, building gets together to talk, eat snacks, and make building. building builds on itself: last week’s building is this week’s built, but this week’s built is the place to build next week’s building. The interests of building include ghosts, software studies, coffee, walks in the woods, things that turn, critical spatial practice, the politics of representation, edge sites, flea markets, poesis, precarity, female-fronted punk bands of the 70s and 80s, and building. However, building interests are always building. The process of building results in traces of those interests. It also involves traces of the art/works of Nick and Kyle. All those traces are the building here you now stand. What will be building tomorrow?

Winner of the Alumni Award for Best in Show







building8 building9



building2 building4


Finish Line

performance for the opening of building

The building collective surprised participants of the art/bike ride with tiny cups of water, orange wedges and a hot pink finish line for each rider. The ride was headed to building’s grand opening at the Digital Art Research Center. Willing gallery goers left the exhibition to come help out.


Makin’ It

video installation
collaboration with Ted Passon
Instructions: Come inside. Kneel. Light a candle. Say a Prayer. Place your lit candle in the prayer cupboard.
Matinee, St. Cecilia’s Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, February 5-6, 2011

Reviewed on artnet.com



collaboration with Tender Forever and Ted Passon
Time-Based Art Festival, Portland Institute of Contemporary Art, (Portland, OR), September 15, 2010

untitled was a multimedia performance piece. I helped write the piece and contributed animations and interactive programming, including an audience participation piece which allowed audience members to control an animation and play percussion using the lights on their cell phones.

Reviewed in the Portland Monthly Magazine and the Portland Mercury.


tba2 tba3


Inside the Mattress

collaboration with Tender Forever and Ted Passon
French Institute Alliance Française Co-presented with Whitney Live / Whitney Museum of American Art, September 29, 2009

Inside the Mattress was a multimedia performance based on work by Alice Guy Blache. I contributed animations, props and motion-tracking software which allowed audience participation by using lights on their cell phones. I also performed in the piece.


Here’s an excerpt:



collaboration with Nik Hanselmann
receipt printer, custom software and hardware, installation
Full Disclosure, Sesnon Gallery, Santa Cruz, CA, 2009

Failbase 831.xxx.4046 is a system for the collection and output of participant testimonies of failure. By leaving voicemail or sending SMS (text) messages to (831) xxx-4046, participants can submit their failures. As they speak or type, the failures are printed in the gallery as paper receipts. Visitors to the gallery space are encouraged to submit their own failures, as well as to read, cut, notate and file incoming failures according to how they see fit.

see all of the failures





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