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This collaboration between geographers and artists, which I helped organize, is happening next week! The Thursday lecture is in-person on the University of Kentucky’s campus. You can join the Friday panel in-person or via Zoom: 



JD Beltran and I are collaborating on a very large video projection for SFAI’s Design and Technology Salon on April 4th. The event is free and open to the public.


I’m currently working on a collaborative installation entitled building for my MFA thesis exhibition.


Each week we create participatory events and situations which explore critical spatial practices, participatory software, and social practices. Last week we went to the flea market and sold stuff in exchange for ideas for our exhibition space.


Then we built an installation which includes photos of people with the stuff they bought and the ideas they sold, audio recordings from that day, written documentation, and the receipt printer which invites people to add their idea by calling or texting 706.4048 (Santa Cruz area code–not printed here to prevent spam).

Would you like to be part of building? Contact me to participate!